Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Going Out to Lunch in the Days of the Plague

It can be done and here's one way to do it.

Get out a map of your area, pinpoint your town and, taking a compass (the kind architects use, not sailors - oh!  unless you live on a boat.) and make a circle 50 miles away from you on all sides or 25 whatever  distance you are willing to go. Attach a thumbtack to ground the string.  Tie a pencil or pen to the long end of the distance and carefully, using both hands press the thumbtack and the marking device in a circle.  You can always consult YouTube for help.

Don't have a compass?  Pish tosh.  Make one!  Measure out on a string the fixed distance it will travel or the distance you are willing to go.   Thumbtack the string to the center of your town and then mark.

Part 2
Study the interior of your circle.  Hmmm - see anything new?  "Marge!  Look at this! - show your find - we've never ever been there!  Let's look it up and see what there is that we can look at."

What's the best restaurant there?  Do they have take out?  If so, read the menu.  Anticipation of a dish you like in a new restaurant can add to the adventure flavor of this excursion.  Or, if none appealing, and the scenery is the big deal, pack yourselves a picnic!  

Easey peasey - an adventure!

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