Saturday, April 11, 2020

Er, Not Quite the Spirit of Virus Fighting Cheerfully

The Daily Breeze local newspaper caused me to start at part of it yesterday morning.  There I was contentedly sipping my cup of coffee, smoking the first cigarette of the day; all but purring in contentment.  Until I got to the middle of the A section where to my dismay I found a 4-page special section on - local funeral homes and their services!  Adding to my dismay, there followed two pages of little photos of people who had died since January 1, 2020 to April 8th or so with names and birth dates and death dates.  Happily no one either one of us knew.

Today's relevant but rather late special section concerned itself with Toilet Paper.  Some random facts and factoids to inform and amuse.

70 per cent of people start anew roll with the first sheet going over the top of the roll.  Mull on this:  It is estimated that about 4 billion people (70 to 75 per cent of the world's population) do not use rolled toilet paper.  So?  neat stacks of individual sheets?  In actual fact, I really don't want to know.

Onward - The first documented use of toilet paper was in China during the 6th Century.
1879 Rolls are sold and meet a roaring success.
1928 First ads on paper softness
1964  First one-ply scented toilet paper - perfume was added.

Scott Paper Company's first effective ad read "Soft as old linen."  Business was helped by this fact:  it coincided with the increase in indoor plumbing!

The Chinese may have invented (?) toilet paper but today  the U.S. supplies most of the paper products - paper, paper towels, diapers and more - 2/3rds of all production of same but, China exports about 5 per cent from their mills.

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