Tuesday, April 28, 2020

"We're Going To Have To Buy a Pig, Richie"

We were watching the Channel 7 6:30 p.m. news.  They did one of the media specials - terrify viewers.  "The food chain is broken!" (Insert Henny Penny the sky is falling here if desired.)  The article concerned itself mainly with Tyson chicken, but I don't care - don't particularly like chicken, although Richie's Chicken Cordon Bleus is quite tasty indeed.  But:  it's helped by a ham and Swiss cheese insert.

When he could stop laughing about purchasing a pig for the backyard, I elucidated why the backyard is perfect for a shoat or weaner - piglets 2 to 3 months old, and weaned from Mama.  (You think I cravenly give up when I want something?)

It's chain link fence on three sides and one solid concrete wall.  Perfect to nestle up against for sunbathing. .There are plenty of trees for shade, the garden hose is available for a water bucket and to hose down the yard and the pig. .  At night, we would open the door to under-the-house, herd the piglet in and lock it in for the night.  Coyotes hunt at night.  In a neighborhood where there is, generally, 36 in. between house and many dog ownerss.  Brass balls.

I have no real idea where to purchase a shoat, but Google will know.

A Thought Not My Own

"I don't see why staying at home is so hard - 105 million managed it on Election Day, 2016."

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