Saturday, April 25, 2020

Hah! Take that virus!

Our former neighbors and great friends, John, Angie and their three kids, moved to New Zealand for work reasons.

This year, John's April birthday would celebrate his 50th birthday.  (He still looks about 40.)
As always for a milestone birthday, a great gala was planned.  Alas.  Here came the virus and Draconian rules against any kind of mingling.

The family discussed the alternatives and young Audrey (6 or so) suggested, "Daddy, you'll just have to stay 49 until we can have a party."  A suggestion I am adopting for myself.  You can just call me "Old 79" until I can throw the party I have planned.  Despite the polite little note from the Redondo Police force thanking me for holding off, I will do it.

Feel free to adopt little Audrey's idea - she is a loving and giving kid.

Is Birthday Snobbery the next new thing?
I mentioned to a friend in Israel that my birthday and Al Pacino's are identical - 4/25/40 and she promptly wrote back, "But mine is Elvis' January 8th." No year given, but she's a lot younger than I am.  Easy win for her, no?  Elvis beats Al.

Do you share a birthday?  With whom?  Are you pleased?  I should add that 4/25 was Adolph Hitler's birthday, too.  Don't bother to mention it in future correspondence - none of us has a say in these weighty matters.

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