Thursday, April 2, 2020

Oh What the Hell - This Isn't Going To Last Forever So While It Is Here - Laugh!

One good thing the virus is doing - I bet we're all hearing from people we haven't heard from in some time.  "Welcome back!" as I deleted 206 messages the other day.  That's E Traffic!

And almost everyone sends jokes for which we should all be grateful.

So, in an effort to ingratiate myself with you readers,  some of them.

Random Humor
An intern wearing a mask seemingly fashioned from the bottom half, back, of a pair of leopard print bikini underpants.

Want Ad:  "Corona-free man seeks Corona-free woman with toilet paper.  Send picture of toilet paper"

Real Estate Agent to young couple in a living room:  "Now that you have seen the home, could you see yourselves being quarantined here?"

Church Billboards (am a real sucker for these)

Cremation: last chance for a smokin' hot body

Love is Grand; Divorce is about 20 Grand.

Be the kind of person your pet thinks you are.

Tweet others as you would like to be tweeted.

Vote for Bernie Biden this September and we can beat Reagan.

Biden's malaprops are well-known nationwide along with speculation about his mental acuity.  I'm not picking on him by a long shot.  .

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