Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Cabin Fever and Some Ideas

Cabin Fever is recognized by experts (not named in this research) and is defined as a "syndrome" meaning it's not grown up enough to be a phobia and may be linked to Seasonal Afflictive Disorder or SAD frequently found in areas of heavy cold weather.  They always run pictures of front doors snowed in and so forth.

Now we get to make the acquaintance of enforced cabin fever.  Either way you're basically trapped in your domicile.  And as much as we love our houses … been there, seen there, lived there fa chrisake!

Research turned up suggestions:
Start a new book - a friend's suggestion, the NY Times Best Seller list. Look up local book clubs and ask them for the names of the three books they most recently discussed - and ask, "Why?"  At worst you'll have a nice visit with a stranger.

Start a new hobby - don't cook?  Get out in the kitchen!  A new recipe can be a real mood changer especially if you and your Significant Other work on it together.  If one of you despises broccoli, best not try anything with it.  Common sense.

Get interested in cell phone photography and document your garden or a particular favorite room in the house - pretend you're taking pictures to sell  your house - shoot the selling points!

Maybe change the furniture around - change your cabin so to speak.  Just be careful in the bedroom - that cute little nightstand there - won't it get in the way during pitch black sojourns to the bathroom?

Board games are a possibility IF you aren't both sharing extreme cabin fever.  There-in lies vivid (for the neighbors) arguments.

I especially recommend "Jeopardy" because the show writers are right.  You have no grounds for dispute.  But to satisfy warlike natures, keep score and then argue about that after the show.

The backgammon board was discovered among some stuff in the hall closet and Himself said, "We ought to play some," and I agreed with enthusiasm.  That was four days ago.  We've been too busy since then.

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