Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Day Housecleaning

Don't worry - nothing arduous!  (as if.)  It involves sitting at the computer and updating the lists of the following:

Phone numbers
E-mail addresses
Street addresses
The birthday list
And Call Out the Dead

That last lists the people and cats that have died over the years.  "I thought he/she died in ____" comes up in conversation more often than anyone would want. 

I really prefer paper to having to turn on the computer or cell phone to check appointments - another thing I use - a write-on calendar.  The day the computer's Calendar section goes bflst! Or the  battery dies in the phone ...None of the above information could be considered Top Secret in any way, but computers get hacked and that tends to erase a lot of stuff you'd rather have than have to do over again. 

The new version of all of the above looks so fresh on its bed of crisp white typing paper.  Pre-retyping, they are a mess of scrawled on additions,  deletions and ink smears.

The birthday list gets transposed into the months and written on the paper calendar.  At the beginning of each new month, I've got the list of cards to send as well as how many to buy. 

Granted, this is not an Excitement!  up-dating information rarely is, but when done, I feel a quiet glow of pride that I am finally, neatly organized!  At least for awhile.  Family and friends - stay where you are!  Don't move, don't get a new phone number, okay? 

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