Sunday, January 8, 2017

Our "Government" Swaddled in Red Tape Waddles On ...

Yesterday, many of us (I hope) gasped in horror at the life sentence, no possibility of parole inmate who is getting a free sex change surgery (he to she) for an estimated $100,000.  Post-surgery, s/he will be domiciled in a woman's prison. 

Today there are a couple of added insults to our collective intelligence.

Vets Don't Get the Privileges Prisoners Do

There have been 52,000 vets who were injured in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2013.  Of them, 1,400 were wounded in the groin area destroying all or some of their equipage (or an area of the body that lies between the belly button and the knees to be delicate.)  Of these poor bastards 75 per cent died of their wounds - land mines. 

Of the survivors (average age 24) who had hoped to eventually have children, in vitro fertilization is not covered by the government.  It is considered "an elective procedure."  The soldier has to be on active duty to receive it.
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In Another Stunning Example of Not Planning Ahead -
The California minimum wage was raised with further raises as time marches on.  This now puts a family where both husband and wife work with one child over the wage limit for childcare benefits.  The original figures for subsidized child care today were based on what was apparently appropriate in 2007.    A family of three had to make $42,216 or less to qualify.  With the new pay raises, these families child care payments have risen from $167/month to $2,400 a month. 

Child care providers are losing customers and laying off workers.  California law requires these places to provide one aide to every four children.  If they cannot do it, they are breaking the law.
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Way to go, California!  Give with one hand' take away with the other. 

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