Sunday, January 22, 2017

Double Standard Much?

Yesterday the deranged gathered in large numbers to protest President Trump's use of derogatory words for women.  It was mostly women with a pussy-whipped man or two among them. 

What they thought they were accomplishing is a mystery to this writer, but what was even more mysterious was their applause for Madonna - a "singer" whose Sell By date is so old the year is only three digits. 

She treated the crowd to a barrage of expletives, none of which were for general use in polite company and these idiots thought it was great!  I will  only mention that for a group of women who are looking for "equality" that her offer of blow jobs for Hillary votes wasn't exactly a leap forward for "independence from male domination."  When you have to use your body ... you lost.  The brain is a great deal more influential than your under-the-bathing-suit parts. 

It's a double standard that apparently soared over their little pink pussy hats with some velocity.

Poor things.

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