Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday the 13th, 2017

Now, now - don't be afraid although I understand that so many people are afraid that there's even a psychological label affixed to that fear - triska-something or other.  Not everything that happens on Friday the 13th is bad!

Have a laugh instead.  Richie and I were tooling south on PCH and as we passed the tattoo parlor (why are they always called "parlors"?)  we couldn't miss the fact that some 18 to 20 people were lined up outside it with two more crossing the side street to get to it.  And - coincidence or not? dum-te-dum-dum - this audience was 18 to 20 years old.

Richie said, "School outing?"  Redondo Union High School is just down the street, their ages corresponded to high school students (with several that clearly hadn't graduated with their class)

"Pre-med?  Going for an anatomy lesson on skin?" I contributed. 

Baffled, we went on when the light changed and would have been wondering for days but for the happy coincidence of Richie running into a friend at the Hermosa Beach Farmer's Market later.  He mentioned it to her and she told him that a friend had called her to tell her that in honor of Friday the 13th, all tattoos were 50 per cent off.  They were damned well doing a landslide business!

But then, on our way home, we passed Lovesick Tattoos on Aviation and they barely looked open.  Clearly they were not celebrating the day in any meaningful way.

*Parlors" usage.  Some customers believe the shop or studio (preferred descriptions) owners  don't want potential customers to be confused as to the difference between a massage parlor (happy ending) and a tattoo parlor (problematical ending.  As in you sober up and see it the next day or your mother sees it right away.)

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