Wednesday, January 18, 2017

But..But...What Happened to the Gift Wrapping Room?

"The Manor" is up for sale yet again.  It is the former residence of Aaron and Candy Spelling and was custom made to their specifications, one of which was Candy's desire for a separate room used solely to wrap gifts. 

Situated on 6 acres (abutting the LA Country Club) the 56,500 sq. ft. house is once again up for sale.  When Aaron died in 2006 due to the after effects of a stroke, Candy decided to sell it, saying it was too large.  She set the price at $150 million dollars.  Along came British heiress Paula Ecclestone who chipped the price down to $85 million dollars.  I keep typing "dollars" so no one will get confused and think I'm talking about tiddlywinks or donut holes or anything.

Candy removed herself to a penthouse in Century City which was under completion at the time of purchase.  When the building was done, she promptly sued the developers because they had not included the planned restaurant.  This from a woman whose former residence contained five (5) kitchens.

Meanwhile, the house - excuse me, "The Manor" - is now up for grabs for $200 million dollars.
The ad (in Town and Country) describes it lyrically - "A winding drive leads to a splendid circular motor court (you will notice it's far too grand to be labeled "driveway") with a fountain and space for 100 cars.  I don't think I even know 100 people with cars.  Hmm, something to puzzle out on a rainy afternoon ... more entertainment!

There are seven bedroom suites, seven staff quarters (how quickly we go from suites to quarters ...)

Additional drool factors -
Step-down living room under 30 ft. ceilings
projection room
family room (together with the bar?)
billiards room
game room
2-lane bowling alley
wine cellar and tasting room
catering kitchen - perhaps this is the site of five stoves; not five kitchens?
fully-equipped beauty salon. 

BUT NO MENTION OF THE FAMOUS GIFT WRAPPING ROOM.  If you are contemplating purchasing it, by God, demand to know what happened to it!  What's a mansion without a gift wrapping room?  Nothing.  Simply nothing at all ...

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