Saturday, January 28, 2017

Goldfish Crackers

Buyers Remorse

A super fan of the late Judy Garland blew $15,000 to buy the crypt space next to hers.  In his quiet moments, listening to one of her albums, he may have felt a certain satisfaction that he has done this.  He may never (most certainly didn't) have lain next to her in life, but in death ...

And then Garland's daughter Liza swooped in, unstopped the crypt door and shipped her ass to California for re-burial. What will he do now?  Sell his crypt and buy a new one out here?  Sue Liza - on what I cannot imagine legally.  


Today starts the Chinese new year and according to that calendar, 2017 is the year of the Rooster.  There is a great site - - that explains what Roosters can expect in the way of luck, what are lucky foods and so on and so forth.

Fire  1957 - 2017
Earth  '09 - '69
Gold '21 - '81
Water '33 - '93

The Rise of a New Class of Elitists?

And that would be those people who can afford to buy and have installed an underground shelter in their back yard or back 40

The spokesman for Rising S - the manufacturer, said that demand has risen 700 per cent and that he relates it to "Trumpocalyse" or "Trumpnado" but added that the same thing happened when Barack Obama was elected.   The firm is located in Murchison, TX, where they have more than plenty of land under which to excavate. 

Curious, I went to see and a partial list is:
Mini-bunker - $39,500 (serves one)
The 10 x 20 version runs $58,500 to an up-graded $65,500.
The 10 x 30 is $74,500 to an upgraded $80,500
The 10 x 40 is $85,500 to an upgraded $95,500

The Ultimate In Protection (if not swank) is called The Fortress and the floor plan looks ready to be shipped to Idaho or Wyoming, states that seem to favor militia-type residents.  There are dorm rooms (I think I remember three) filled with bunk beds to accommodate more Soldiers of the Obliteration of American Politics or whatever.  They may be collecting money for awhile - $1,009,999.

Despite the fact that these bunkers all have modern conveniences (composting toilet, shelves capable of holding two years worth of canned food) the one thing that stopped me cold was this:

What if you are on a prescription that keeps your heart pumping, kills the cancer, etc., etc.  In the event of a disaster, pharmacies are going to be closed.  You're outta luck, dude.  Risk it and stay above ground where God put us. 

The $6 Restaurant Bliss

Normally I try not to review local restaurants for those readers who might have difficulty getting here to dine at them.  Il Fornaio has 21 restaurants in the US, so let's have at it.

They also have a Happy Hour that runs from 4 to 6 p.m.  Cutely, a specific menu of drinks and food are all $6!  Isn't that precious???   In the spirit of this sixy-ness, six of us gathered there last night. 

This really is a bargain - here are some of the things ordered with their "real" price next to them.  Do the mental arithmetic and re-price them at $6 and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Bruschetta (old bread, toasted with stuff on it) $10
Carpachio  (best shot at getting Mad Cow Disease in a Restaurant) $15
Pizzas from $14 to mostly $18 each,, but they are large. 

Best of all?  Bellini's!  $6!  I had two and quietly cooed to myself.  A Martini Fornaio is $12.
So hah!

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