Monday, January 16, 2017

Today Vacation; Tomorrow Back to Work

The Readers Digest cites The Week magazine's take on office workers which claims that the average office worker receives 122 e-mails per day.  How many of these e's are jokes, cartoons was apparently not delved into. 

In the spirit of fun that has enveloped offices for years (not) readers were asked to submit new names for this onrush of communication. 

Here are the eight by subscribers who arrive at work and blanch at the sound of "You've Got Mail."

Inboxication - but I think "inboxification" is funnier
Attn: Deficit Disorder
RE: RE: RE: Lapse - I didn't get this one and I still don't.
Pessimistic Outlook
Reaching the Point of No Reply

When you're retired, you can laugh, too.  Until that happy day ... relish three day weekends.

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