Saturday, January 14, 2017

Do They Call Them "Dronies"?

While leafing leisurely through Le Monde ( the French newspaper this morning, I came across a new way to be separated from our hard-earned funds.

Travel agents at a certain level ("Around the world in a customized AB380 for $225,000! ") and deluxe hotels are now offering drone selfies and the photographers to use them.  

Carrying this thought farther, I would imagine that lesser hotels and travel agents propose drone rentals at your destination of choice. 

If you are a dedicated DIYer, buy a drone.  Prices range from $93 to $2,000 and I would recommend the low end until you work out how not to crash it through a neighbor's window or take out a school bus.  Prudence. 

If you are a shooter, try to get a job with Flytographer - 60 min. shoot for $350 which given the number of hours in a day with good lighting, could be quite profitable.  Shoot My Travel is another, but no prices were listed.  If you really like travel on the other guy's dime, audition for El Camino Travel which sends a pro with the customer to shoot 500 photos of the client cavorting as he/she will per day and then present them with a carefully culled 30 shots the next morning, ready for exposure on social media.  "My Movie About My Vacation, a continuing series."

However, if you have mastered "droning" (?) check with local law enforcement wherever you land to make sure you aren't going to annoy them.  I've never been in one, but I understand that jails in other countries are not nearly as posh as some of ours.

To avoid taking down your flight, do not store lithium batteries in checked luggage.  Take it on board with you and when your hair catches fire (from the battery burning down through the bin) you can do something about it.   

Dronies.  This is a very weird generation, in case you hadn't noticed.

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