Thursday, January 19, 2017

Look Out, Candy! There's a New $250 Million House in Town!

A developer who specializes in building spec houses named Bruce Makowsky has finished and is offering his latest project.  He originally made his selling handbags on TV.  From bags to riches?

I couldn't figure out if the helicopter just next to the 85 ft. infinity pool with swim-up bar is workable or not, but the interior is said to have been customized to fit the house's décor.  The landing site for the helicopter looks to be about the size of a Kleenex so I'd spend the money for a damned good pilot!

The house is 38,000 sq. ft. on three levels which contain:
12 bedrooms

21 baths (presumably to accommodate visitors to the 2-lane bowling alley, the 40-seat leather recliner occupants in the movie theatre, swimmers and so on.)

3 kitchens

2 wine cellars (one with special attention to champagne)

artwork throughout valued at $300,000+ (can't remember; apologies)

a garage with 10 or 12 classic cars

the candy room which looks like a medium-sized store - at least 5 ft. tall glass "tubes"  full of treats half of which would have to grow stale unless entire grade schools trick or treated there - every and stocking it said to have cost $200,000.  For that kind of money it should be Godiva chocolates, not hard candies.

a billiard room (adjacent to the candy store)

 There are accommodations for seven live-in staff.

But - no gift wrapping room!

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