Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I am always the last to figure out anything electronically based.. If Richie dies first, I will never be able to watch TV again.  This TV came with two remotes - both necessary - to use.  The Blu-Ray has a remote as does (talking about overkill) the disc/tape/radio player. 

Let us draw a curtain across the functions of the "smart phone" even though I did buy a very thick book on Smart Phones for Dummies which in my case is not rude at all.  To avoid having to deal with the damned thing, it is only used to call out; no one in my family or Richie's or any of our friends have been given the number so I know that any calls listed are from salesmen and of no interest.

I do like being able to read e-mail though as well as the Drudge Report, Daily Mail, etc. 

At the moment I am pursuing yet another way to trick the general reading public out of a buck or two and this project involves collecting 100 (or more depending on book's final thickness) of what I consider to be the best columns from 2009 until now and turning it into a book.  Have already designed the cover; written the columns and made a good start on choosing bits and pieces.   Except that ... I couldn't get the computer to print the columns I selected.

If you tell the new computer to "Print" the first thing it seems to do is go back about 10 columns and print one of them.  Not the one wanted.  Further, it doesn't print just that one; it defiantly will go on printing until you hit STOP and with slow reflexes, you're out a lot of paper and more importantly printer ink.  I have bought whole outfits (attire, shoes, purse) for less than printer ink. 

But today - breakthrough.  Tell the computer you want to edit this particular column and when it pops up, in edit mode, hit PRINT!   

I expect to be finished no later than Monday next week with the entire package. 

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