Saturday, January 7, 2017

Go To Prison and Get That Sex Change Operation You've Longed For - FREE!

California's newest proof that the lawmakers out here are batshit crazy comes with this news - 57 year old Shiloh Heavenly Quine, doing a life sentence, no possibility of parole, who committed first degree murder, kidnap, robbery for ransom, has successfully obtained sex reassignment surgery while behind bars.

Quine, age 19, performed a do-it-yourself surgery to change he/r sexual identity. 

Apparently it was not successful because during he/r so far 35 years in prison, s/he has attempted suicide five times.  This indicates to me that old Quine isn't too focused on reality or else very inept at ways to commit suicide while doing time.  I can think of several ways and I'm not even in traffic court, let alone prison.  Annoy a group of fellow cons who are not your color or nationality or religious beliefs.  You'll be done for by breakfast call the next morning. 

Baiting guards would be a second way to depart this life. 

The California penal system has recognized that some sexual confusion exists behind the walls and toward making prisoners feel more comfortable, will issue nightgowns, scarves and necklaces to the guys who want them.  Guards are so unaware that if they aren't using pop-it beads (which unsnap in the twinkle of an eye) but favoring 20 lb. test line, they may be wondering "Whatever happened to Old #869503?  He was here for dinner last night ..."

Activists for our transgendered gents and ladies aver that "gender dysphoria" is a legitimate complaint and further, that if unfulfilled, life threatening.  Thus the surgery qualifies under Constitutional Rule #8 (or some such)  just the same as treating a patient with a physical complaint - broken leg, heart attack, etc. 

One commentator - REJC0100 - remarked, "What's next?  Heart transplants for Death Row inmates?"
It wouldn't surprise me in the least. 

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