Sunday, January 15, 2017

Send OUT the Clowns!

Ringling Bros. Barney & Bailey Circus (original name) is quitting show biz in May, 2017, after 146 years of terrifying little kids with their clowns.

Fear of clowns affects 12 per cent of the U.S. population. This fear even has its own name - "coulrophobia" and symptoms include sweating, nausea, rapid heart beat, shortness of breath, trembling and feelings of dread. 

"But wait!" you cry.  "Are you afraid of going into a MacDonald's?"  Not at all - Ronald MacDonald is kid friendly with a big, happy smile (as opposed to a grimaced, tooth-baring grin) and he wears minimal make-up and little kid clothes.  In fact his striped leggings and sweater sleeves may remind some of the very popular "Where's Waldo?" fascination of some time ago.  Non-threatening.  He looks genuinely friendly. 

Plus you can get fed there.  Speaking of which, Jim Delligatti, who created the first Big Mac in Pennsylvania as a franchise owner, has died, age 98.  His family remarked that he ate a Big Mac at least once a week.  Use your own judgement on Big Mac consumption.

I don't wish any retiring clowns bad luck, plagues or jail time, but I am glad to see them go.  They were menacing-looking, made sudden loud noises, looked sinister and never did anything nice to one another - swats with big foam (I hope) hammers, etc.  No, the world was long terrified, but the Big Scare is now vanquished.  Good.   

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