Friday, January 20, 2017

Should They Be Called "The Iron Curtain" or "Berlin Wall" Panties?

News of anti-rape underpants reached my shores yesterday... a German inventor has invented panties that have a combination lock attached to tight-fitting cords to an alarm that blasts out at 130 decibels.   The underwear fabric is non-tearable and is cut proof. 

I wondered how the user - after over serving herself - could go to the bathroom?  One fumble too many and the siren would go off emptying the venue in nanoseconds - "Police!" in addition to mortifying the wearer. 

Feminists flew straight up in arms and called the device "a modern day chastity belt" and they are adamantly against! 

The bathroom business made me curious and some research turned up the fact that the first anti-rape panties were developed back in 2013 by AR Wear.  Design specifications include:  a grate over the vagina and anus.  Thick bands fasten rightly around each thigh and below the waist.  These bands are attached to one another by a snap-together plastic lock.  What "tight-fitting" eventually did to the wearer's circulation was not stated. 

Critics of this means of discouraging a rapist pointed out that in the event the wearer was run over by a bus, the ER staff would have a helluva time getting them off of the victim.  I remembered the cut proof fabric and a mental picture flashed of a victim on a gurney with a surgeon waving a scalpel yelling, "Get the dynamite!" 

But as if the above wasn't enough to amuse, four young men from North Carolina have taken their chemistry classes to a new level.  They have developed a nail polish that detects the presence of roofies, Xanax and GHB in a drink.   Bye, bye date rape! 

However, there were some cavils from the ladies - "Doesn't it come in more colors than that?"


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