Saturday, December 31, 2016

Of Drones and Lobsters; Fear and When the Parking Lot Chooses the Restaurant

Rose Bowl Parade Security

In addition to garbage trucks holding 15 tons of sand as blockages on all 56 streets leading to the parade route, metal detection check points for viewers,  the air above has been designated as a No Drone Zone (precious, no?)  If any of the 300,000 registered drone owners are planning to attend, word - don't get cute and set it loose as it will be shot down.  Goodbye investment for the dubious pleasure of scaring everyone around you and quite possibly being attacked with intent to harm.  Bring your explosive sniffing dog, but leave the drone at home. 

When Parking Determines Dinner

Thursday night we decided to give Brickworks, Manhattan Beach mall, our patronage because they are running a three course $30 dinner that has a variety of choices that are (so far) quite tasty.  (Previously reviewed.)    On arrival, we found parking near Brickworks to be problematic.  We peddled up and down the aisles until we were across the street from Tin Roof Bistro, an old favorite.  I said, "You know what?  We haven't been here for awhile; the hell with Brickworks, we'll get it another time."  Magically there was a space right in front of us and we couldn't have been closer unless we were sitting at the bar.  Done.

My First Lobster

I have never cooked a lobster in my life.  I know nothing about it other than the fact that if I had to either plunge a small knife into its head or toss it LIVE into a pot of boiling water, I would need emergency psychiatric care.  I cannot be cruel to animals or small children although I must admit that the latter has been tempting from time to time. 

Comes now Trader Joe to my rescue with a pair of quite dead (frozen) lobster halves - tail meat and stuffing above.  Put them on a baking sheet and then the oven for 30 - 35 minutes "or until the stuffing turns a lovely golden color."  $16/box of two.   


Some asshat on the morning radio news remarked vis-à-vis the Rose Bowl parade and the upcoming Super Bowl, that "We cannot live our lives in fear" referencing the threat of terrorism. 

To which I say, "Bullshit."  Fear and self-preservation are two very different things.  Don't quiver on little mice feet every time you're in a soft target (malls, supermarkets, airports) - pay attention to your surroundings.  That shoe sale in the window is going to be there next week, but the guy sidling along beside you with the lumpy-looking body and a large back pack may have other plans for your "next week.".

We are all lucky enough to have been blessed by an amygdala or snake brain that  senses danger.  If yours goes to even amber, move away, find someone in authority and tell them.  Try to give an accurate description of the person and his/her location.  Yeah, they have female suicide bombers now.  Free your snake brain to take care of bidness.  That's what it's there to do. 

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