Monday, December 19, 2016

The Disappointing Death of Zsa Zsa Gabor

Long time readers (Bless you!) will remember that this writer went through a period of intense interest in the doings of the above.  Admittedly she was an interesting source of awe and amusement until illness in old age took her down. 

I liked her because she was smart, quick with a quip or a remark and never hesitated to obliquely make fun of herself.  Those were welcome qualities at a time when the famille  Kardashian was spewing ego-drive nonsense every day of their pathetic lives.  ZsaZsa was the first to do nothing but be famous for being famous.  Her granddaughter, Paris Hilton, took up the reins, but she was/is neither clever nor witty.  The genre has gone downhill ever since ZsaZsa started the ball rolling.

Nine husbands, slapping a cop, her last husband Prince A-hole (TMZ never referred to him in any other way) and his mad schemes - running for Governor of California to name only one.. the time he was kidnapped by two women, stripped naked, handcuffed and left, but yet, he still had his cell phone... he was great copy, too. 

For all of these reasons, I expected a much more dramatic death than just succumbing after a reported five years on "life support."  In my view, life support is a feature of the ICU and includes various lines with drugs, being on a ventilator and, generally speaking, the patient is insensate.

In her case since she was reported as being in a coma due to a heart attack after the leg amputation, I would put money on a feeding tube as the "life support" which, arguably it is.  Without liquids and some nourishment, you're gonna croak.     

I would have expected a great drawing together of her admirers (family being largely dead - mother, three sisters, a husband or two, daughter Francesca)  for a dramatic farewell with lit candles, soft music ... a preview of the wake with the waked still there.  Muffled screams would rend the air ... not least those of Prince A-hole because now he has to move ... the Bel Air house was sold with the proviso that the couple could live there for three years after the sale was completed.

Hmmm... maybe someone should check those dates?  It might explain five years of "life support" for essentially a comatose body in a hospital bed

There have been many mentions of various of her quips, but this is my favorite, "How many husbands have I had?  You mean just my own?"   ZsaZsa you killed with that line!  And so many others.  Rest In Peace.

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