Friday, December 16, 2016

Just a Couple of Things ...

A Medical Diagnosis We'd All Love
It's being told that you're a "N.E.D." regardless of sexual presentation.  "Huh?" you say?  NED means No Evidence of Disease.  Something to be devoutly wished for by anyone with an on-going condition. 

There's another definition of NED that's even better - No Expiration Date.  Yeah, gimme some of that!

General Heading:  Everything Old Is New Again
Much is being made of a "new" restaurant in mid-Town Manhattan.  Eatsa is located at 285 Madison Avenue between 40th and 41st.  It is notable and getting press because you walk in and there is no one to seat you, no visible servers and (most importantly) no cashier.

Instead there is a wall of glass cubby holes where you get your food after choosing what you want in your "bowl" which is a real bowl with such as:

Stir-fried quinoa with eggs, edamame, wonton strips, teriyaki sauce, miso Portabella, apple and cabbage slaw. 

Or, how about - guacamole, salsa fresco, Mexican cheese, asada Portabella, grilled corn, lemon-herb toasted quinoa, tortilla chips and pinto beans? 

Most bowls at $7 or less.  You order using your ePad or phone.  Back in the back, far from prying eyes, the staff makes up your bowl, slides it into a cubby (presumably the cubby with your name on it) you swipe you credit card and the door pops open.  Amazing?

Eatsa was named Restaurant Business 2016 Technical Accelerator of the Year.  They should have been credited for bringing the Automat back!  This is just an updated version (iPad, phone) of putting your nickel in the slot and taking out your cup of coffee or the food that appeals to you from behind its little window.

For the curious, there is an Eatsa in Woodland Hills, CA. 

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