Sunday, December 11, 2016

Not Really Worth a Flight to San Francisco, But ...

But if you're headed there anyhow, be on the lookout for the ONLY therapy pig in the country working at an airport.  The article didn't say if she's a cousin of Miss Piggy, but it's not totally unlikely that she is.

LiLou is her name and aside from being the only pig at the airport, her other distinguishing characteristics are red-painted hoof nails and she'll be wearing either a pilot's cap or a ballerina's tutu.  Possibly both at the same time as the photo of her was unclear being a head shot (in the captain's hat which looks a little small on her big head. )

As if running into a pig on a leash at Security isn't enough, she is said to tinkle out tunes on a toy piano.  No reports of singing along with the song. 

Probably best not.  To "squeal like a hawg at killin' season" is not anything most people would enjoy listening to ...

She wears a little vest that says, "Pet Me" but in the interests of furthering careers for pigs at airports, the owners might want to sew a little pocked on the vest that says in smaller letters,  "Tips Here!"

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