Monday, December 26, 2016

So Much for Christmas...

It's over and I'm not sorry it is.   Due to uncertainty about a guest's car actually getting here, I couldn't make Christmas Eve dinner reservations and calling various local places reminded me of the Christmas story "No room at the inn." 

By dint of getting lucky on a Charthouse offer of "Walk in and take your chances in our lounge" we did get dinner and as a bonus a wonderful waiter we secretly christened "Nurse William."  "Are we ready for our hummas tasting tray?  Shall we have it here?"  He was so slick I nearly scooted over and offered him a seat at the table. 

We then took our visitor to see ice skating at the beach, which was closed for the evening and the next day.  I think they missed out on a profit - many tourists from the East Coast would have loved to have a photo of themselves ice skating! on Christmas Eve!

Anyhow.  All is behind us and now we contemplate New Years Eve or ,  the national festival called "If you value your life, stay home tonight."  No matter where you are, New Year's Eve will come to you.  So stay home.

There are 39 different time zones.  It takes 26 hours for New Year's Eve to make a complete circle of them all.  The first is Kiribati (lesser known island to most of us) and Samoa are first and their midnight is 5 a.m. in New York and 10 a.m. in London.  In Sydney it is 9 p.m.


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