Saturday, December 10, 2016

What We Missed - Kirk Douglas Birthday Party

The Daily Mail, UK, covered this event which turned out to be a tea yesterday afternoon (while we were anxiously checking our mailboxes) at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  The guest list shrank from 200 to 150 so we could have been there, but then again, how thrilling is it to see a centenarian  sip a glass of vodka and  look admiringly at a two or three-tiered cake topped with a sculpted head of the birthday boy? 

Catherine Zeta-Jones wore what was billed as a $4,900 frock and having seen it, I wouldn't have paid $49 for it.  Awkward length, cut and ugly color.  But she's only 47; she's got time to learn.   Don Rickles was there and he's 90.  Jeffrey Katzenberg was The Kid at 65. 

In all of the photos of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas, I was struck by the melted wax look of their faces.  I think make up (heavy on her eyes and scarlet on the lips) contributed to this effect ...I think that at age 90 you can put the mascara wand away myself, but ... at 97 she gets to do what she damned well pleases.

As a consolation prize ...AOL News (which is anything but) ran a little feature on which fast food restaurant goes with your astrological sign.  No, I did not make that up; am incapable of creativity like this or interest in the subject other than a glancing eye.

Aries - Burger King
Taurus - Chipotle
Gemini - Arby's
Cancer - KFC
Leo - Taco Bell
Virgo - Panera
Libra - Domino's
Scorpio - Starbucks
Sagittarius - In-N-Out
Capricorn - McDonald's
Aquarius - Dairy Queen
Pisces - Wendy's

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