Thursday, December 15, 2016

Reviewing "The Queen at 90"

There was very little of Queen Elizabeth II saying anything other than recorded Christmas greetings, etc.  and rather too much of Prince Edward and his wife Sophy.  You can see from these opening remarks that what follows is not going to be much of a positive review...

The bits with William were interesting because he has learned how to respond to the press.  There is a touch of manly shyness and a direct gaze into the eyes of the interviewer.  He was self-deprecating about himself and full of apparently sincere applause for and deference to the Queen.  Nicely done, young laddy!

Among the missing who could have provided good copy - Charles, Anne, Andrew, Prince Philip  - hell, everyone else in the family all of whom clearly chose not to participate. 

So, we are left with Edward, admittedly family, and his wife.  The only interesting thing about their frequent interviews was a distinct current of nerves between husband and wife.  She alternately looked scared for him -- and for herself.  Very much tippy toes on both of their parts.    They can't be in good favor with Her Majesty because I took a look at the Royal Calendar to see who was working what bit of the countryside and while all of the others had something - or several somethings - they were mysteriously not put down for anything.  Their children Louise and James are 13 and 9 respectively and hardly babies in diapers needing attention.

It was a longish courtship running from meeting in 1994 and dating until January, 1999, when he finally proposed (or she told him to put up or shut up.)  They married in June, 1999, and now live in an estate named Bagholt Park, in Surrey with their children when they aren't in boarding school which, in the English school system, seems to be all of the time from age 7 on up.

Sophy is the daughter of a retired tire salesman and a secretary.  She was 38 and 41 when their children were born, both Caesarian births. 

There is little chance that either Edward or the two kids will ever rule.  In fact, Edward, poor thing, slipped from 3rd in line to the throne to 9th.  Maybe attention-wise he really needed this prolonged interview for his self-esteem.  Good enough.  Now, you've had it, bask in it and go back to Bagholt Park and resume rusticating. 

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