Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Morning Toast Crumbs

In our case, it was English muffins, but they don't crumble like toast does.

Mammas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Go Rave-ing...
The Oakland rave known dead now stands at 24.  Correction - 7:15 p.m.  33.
 As only 20 per cent of the fire area has been excavated, more are expected.  Deadly nightclub fires are not limited to the U.S.  Here is a list down the years -
2015 - 64 dead, 150 hurt in Bucharest
2013 - 200+ dead in Brazil
2009 - 152 in Russia
2008 - 44 in Thailand
2004 - 194 in Argentina
2003 - 100 dead, 200+ injured in Rhode Island

Letters to the Editor
Sunday, December 4, 2016

It's not pulp fiction
I have read in the newspapers that many of the trees in California have died.  I went out to pick up the paper Thanksgiving morning and I now know why.
     Richie Murphy, Redondo Beach

Vet Hospital's New Service for Helicopter Pet Owners
If your pet has had surgery or is doing time for observation in Vet Jail and cannot come home yet, our vet(s) will take a picture of the pet at intervals and send them to your phone.  Hermosa Animal Hospital, Hermosa Beach

Another Batshit Crazy California Law
The L.A. City Counsel voted 12 to 1 to pass a new measure to be called either Ban the Box (jail time completed) or Fair Chance (you'll have one to hire a former felon.)  The former felon doesn't have to bore the interviewer with the fact that he is a felon during the initial interview.  If there is a second interview with a job offer, he/she does.  If the putative employer, a pharmacy, is reluctant to hire a former drug dealer, the employer has to say why they don't wish to hire this person. 

Columnist Doug McIntyre, writing in today's Daily Breeze cited several hilarious examples:  A day care center turns down an employee "due to your previous record as a child molester." 

McIntyre writes a helluva lot better than I do (and is undoubtedly better paid) so I urge you to go to or whatever gets you to "LA felon friendly in new rule for hiring."
I guarantee you will laugh...and then your laughter should turn to outrage.  Not that it'll sway any batshit crazy California politician.  I would remind you that the governor is routinely and nationally known as "Governor Moonbeam".

Yeah .. thank God Only In LA.

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