Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I Did It; You Can Do It and Here's How

Our local newspaper, the Daily Breeze of whom you may have heard rather more than you would like here, runs a column-a-week from various local writers who submit their pieces and then grab the DB first thing in the morning to see if they have made it.

  Today it was mine.  I read the DB before Richie does (he reads the Sports first) and I said to him, "Do you know some old bat who calls herself 'Nina Murphy?' which is my way of notifying him that today it was my turn.

Okay enough about me.  Here is how you get on the scoreboard. 

1.  The Daily Breeze is a local newspaper and as such, it runs minimal coverage on international and national events.  It is devoted to its local community which is as it should be.  War in Syria or equivalent doesn't usually make a difference here to us.  However, the news that our favorite major supermarket is closing does.  Big time.

So - your submission will fare a helluva lot better if you can write about something local - ideas:  the oldest fig tree in the State has died and has to be cut down - your take?  "I remember so well playing around the Oldest Fig Tree ..."  You can write about notable people, usually they just died, but you can write a cheerful piece about something the deceased did for the benefit of this community.  Do not get confused and think you are writing an obituary.  Won't fly.  What might is:  I read that so-and-so died and I remember so well when she taught me in 3rd grade.  She had a strict rule that ..." and blah on for a bit. 

Exception:  If, however, you did vacation in Syria 20 years ago (or whenever it was safe to visit) and write about that contrasting it to today, throwing in an anecdote about a local ... that becomes local and desirable.

2.  Limit your deathless prose to maximum 600 words.  Word count on most computer writing programs (Word, for example) has it and it is very, very useful when you are a success and are asked for "1,200 words on such-and-such."

Submissions are accepted ONLY in e-mail format.  Attachments are not.  Send your prose to:
Head this e-mail "My Turn"
I find it useful to add "1st North American Rights" just above or on the same line as your title for the piece.  At the end of your submission, you type your name, mailing address, city and phone number so that they can contact you. 

If it's a first time for you, they will contact you to come in for a head shot to go along with your column, assuming you get it. 

See how easy it is?  Ms. Walton wrote that they welcome new voices, so be one!

I was one today and odds are you read it 11/25/16 - The 50 Year Old China - in this space.  It got 253 page views, so I know someone read it!  Or go to Google:  Nina Murphy + My Turn for the piece and a headshot.  Shall we be seeing yours next Wednesday? 

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