Tuesday, December 20, 2016

In Which Prince vonAnhalt Inserts Himself Into the Drama of ZsaZsa's Death

Yesterday the press told us that 1) she'd died 2) she was found non-responsive (dead) by a caretaker.

Today's news (dailymail.co.uk) reports that it was Prince von Anhalt's habit to pop in to her room to see her before going out "to shop."  Sunday morning, he reports that her hand was cold which alarmed him, so he called the nurse to take her blood pressure.  Apparently this is the way to check someone's well-being - or not - in the Old Country. 

The nurse complied and the Prince said that it was "72" which is only half of a BP - top or bottom? 
Alarmed, he says he called 911 who led him through resuscitation - "First get her on the floor..." which given the last photos of her  couldn't have been easy -  she'd gotten a bit zaftig (hitting the Hungarian goulash with too much gusto?)  plus being imbalanced by the missing leg.  They couldn't grab her by the legs and gently lower her to the floor ...

When paramedics responded, they transported her to the hospital (none that I know of in Bel Air - perhaps she had the longish ride to Cedars-Sinai) where she was pronounced after about 30 seconds.  Well, at least her last ride was a noticeable one - sirens, lights...but:  the irritation of no one knowing it was her.  Had she been able (being dead and all) she would have undoubtedly writhed with rage while shrieking at von Anhalt to alert the media.

Alas.  von Anhalt greeted the press at the matrimonial home from the door of the front porch with an enormous head shot of the late Mz. Gabor that he had propped next to it.

Sic transit gloria.

Next - funeral plans.  I wonder if the Sistene Chapel is being tidied up?

To avoid any criticism that the writer is a bit cynical and/or cruel, both ZsaZsa and von Arnhalt lived for publicity (their own) and I am merely following orders, as it were.

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