Thursday, December 22, 2016

December 22, 2016

Prinz von Anhalt doesn't disappoint.  I thought it would be unlikely if he didn't make a great deal more of his beloved spouse's departure and he did.  He invited a TV program called "Inside Edition"  to bring their cameras and tour the Death Chamber quite possibly as she was consigned to the crematory big blaze at those very moments!  He not only described his efforts at CPR, but apparently demonstrated them as well, saying that she was breathing so he had to place his hands just there ...

I will check with "Raffish" our adopted nephew and medical doctor about this as getting the person to breathe naturally again is pretty much the reason to do CPR.  At least, that would appear to be the goal. 

von AssHat also said that her last words were "I love you" which is more remarkable than it might sound at first hearing.  By many accounts, she had been comatose for the past five years, unable to make her wishes - if any - known.  Death is probably a powerful motivator, but, c'mon ...

He went on to say that she would be/was being cremated and would be buried at a "secret location" with a private ceremony with only the Prince and "four or five others" present.  As all of the Gabors are cooling their high heels at a cemetery in Palm Springs, it is likely that her "secret" burial place has already been dug and filled. 

Readers comments were universally detrimental about the Prince, "tacky," "materialistic bastard," and such like. 

But the very best comment was:  "I'm surprised he isn't having her stuffed and mounted and a turnstile installed to the bedroom." 

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December 22, 2016

Aren't all grads eligible?
Why did I spend time in line to vote when the only vote that counts is the Electoral College?
And I am not a college graduate.
Richard Murphy

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