Friday, December 23, 2016

Have You Ever Been the Only One That Thinks a Certain Idea is a Good One?

The only one that can see that it would be fun or educational or different?  And you posed this action plan and were roundly sneered at for your troubles?

I am in that awkward position now.  Last night looking around the crowded dining room  at Charlie's, a NY Joint, I remarked to Himself that in Olden Days the many people out to dinner on a Thursday night were wealthy enough to have a cook and traditionally Thursdays were cook's nights off. 

This bit of historical fact didn't interest him nearly as much as the lasagna before him. 

And it may have begun the rejection process for my great idea.  I think it would be tremendous fun for us (Richie, "Raffish, "D" if he's in town and self) to go out and stand around the telephone pole nearest our driveway and sing Christmas carols.  I think our melodic voices, blending harmoniously together would draw out other neighbors to join us.

I could  visualize it now -- "Larry!  Do you hear singing?" 
"Yeah, it's the teapot, Darlene - pour my tea, would you?"

But as Darlene passes the kitchen window she looks down - and there we are, like a Dickens illustration, singing our hearts out.  "Oh, what fun" she murmurs - "Larry - you'll never believe ..." and before you know it, Larry and Darlene have added their voices to the swelling crowd of neighbors. 
I could open the garage door and offer modest refreshments on the tailgate of Truck, parked inside.  Visiting singers could bring plates of cookies, extremely alcoholic egg nog ...truly, a very merry time could be had by all.  And if all or most of the neighbors join in, no fearing visits from the cops for noise abatement.  Win-win!

Except for my companions who want no part of it.  And if I tried this wonderful social experiment by myself, not only would the police be sent for but an ambulance for transport to a 72-hour observation facility.   "Dispatch we are transporting a confused old woman who was singing Christmas carols to a light pole in the 1700 block of ..."  Yes, I can hear it now.  And the guys would have to get me out.  None of them can cook the Christmas Day meal.

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