Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Social Life During the Time of the Virus

Mild as it is, nevertheless, there can be one.  I give you an example.

The South Bay Writers Workshop (aka Thursday Writers) is about to celebrate our annual Summer Solstice Celebration.  This ceremony began as a Pot Luck Picnic and was quite popular among us.

And then gradually, we all got lazy and began patronizing various restaurants en masse.  Our demands are really very simple - ample free parking.  Bonus if it's the restaurant's own parking lot.   Patio seating.  Wine and beer at least.  Food?  Oh, yeah, they have to serve some.

We are a democracy and put together a list of suggestions and then vote on them.  Majority rules and that's where we go.

This year, the virus demands a patio to stay in God's fresh air.  Especially as we'll be beachside.  The parking lot is to avoid interrupting one's meal to stick more money into a meter.  As beneficial as fresh sea breezes are, they can cool your food off in the length of time it takes to get to your vehicle.

One of our favorite places is Rock'n Brew, Redondo Beach, and have had at least three Solstices and a couple of Christmas lunches there over the years.  Alas right now, they don't open until 3 p.m. which is a bit tardy for this group.  We're not in our 30s any longer and we thus didn't roll out of bed at 12 noon.

As it happens, I've never eaten at this summer's choice so will review it for you on Friday.

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