Thursday, June 11, 2020

The New Entertainment/Tail Gate Event

And that would be defacing, beheading and toppling statues of people determined by other people to be racist (a word I am very, very tired of.)

Apparently the goal of these vandals is to somehow shame people who have been dead for a great many years and undoubtedly unable to respond to this act of sheer lawlessness - defacing public property is a legally punishable event.

All it serves to do - the vandalism - is to make a great many people scratch their heads and wonder who the hell the statue represented?   Astute wonderers will then look the person up and maybe get a bit of history and a deeper understanding of their actions.  Or not.

While history cannot be changed; it can be misinterpreted.  If all you can see out of your glasses is "racism" on the part of another, that is a very sad commentary.  Don't invite them to your Statue Pulling.

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