Wednesday, June 24, 2020

New In The Time of Pestilence

Or "How bad do you want it?"  My monitor was going south on me; like it or not (not) time to toss it and replace.  Since Best Buy is about the only computer place in the South Bay, off we scooted.

To - what's this?  Their big parking lot was divided into lanes.  At the opening to this labyrinth was a guard with a white tent for sun shelter.  The guard asked what we were buying and when I said, "I need a new monitor," she replied, go ahead and drive up to the store front, park and wait on the sidewalk to get into the store.   I'll call them and tell them what you're buying so as to have a clerk for you."

"Well, well, indeed," I thought.  "is this service or what?"

Or what turned out to be a 1 1/2 hour wait, drifting around in the Monitor section.  Soon enough I found the monitor of my dreams (cheap) and since we'd brought the old post-hip surgery wheelchair to ferry the monitor in it's huge box back to the car*, it made a cozy seat to watch other customers surging along in the wake of a sales person in their uniform blue shirts.

By dint of being nice and explaining to the cashier that all we needed was to bring it to her so we could pay for it, she trotted docilely after us, scored the price on some gadget in her hand; we rolled our "cart" to her register;  I pulled out my credit card, ring ka ching and we were out the door.
It's working just fine and I'm staring at a crystal clear screen.  Of course, my back is killing me from such a long spell on a concrete floor, but … we've got a new monitor!

*All computer stuff comes in a ginormous container.  Ever noticed that?

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