Saturday, June 20, 2020

Yo! Colin Kaopectate - Stand Up and Respect Our Flag

Miserable ass hat.  Stand up and consider this which clearly you didn't know (nor, astute critics might say, "Nor do you know much about anything.  Clearly nothing of history.")

William Harvey Carney, born 2/29, 1840, was a soldier in the Union Army who was a recipient of the Medal of Honor for battlefield actions.  In the Battle of Fort Wagner, when the color guard was shot, he nipped out, grabbed the flag and returned to his unit across an active battlefield where, by the way, he was severely wounded several times.  He greeted his group thusly, "The old flag never touched the ground!" triumphantly.

He has been credited with being the first black Medal of Honor recipient, but in truth, 20 other African Americans got one first, but because Carney's Battle of Fort Wagner came before all of the others' battles, Carney got top billing.

Post-war he became a mail carrier and worked at that for the next 32 years.  He died in Boston City Hospital in 1908 as a result of some kind of accident with an elevator in the Massachusetts State House.  He had been working at the time at the Department of State.

Look it all up Kaopectate - it's an interesting story about a man's bravery - something, of course, you know nothing about.  Taking A Knee.  wow. I'm not impressed. 

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