Tuesday, June 9, 2020

For A Light Heart

Reader's Digest features "Funniest Jokes Ever - from A to Z."  Sadly I'd heard at lest 80% of them so odds are good that you have, too.  So - new material as individuals report in.

Waiter to wife dining out with her husband,  "You can substitute broccoli for the asparagus, but you can't substitute another glass of wine for the French Fries."  For some reason, thought of my little sister …

Southern advice:  Fry it, then try it.

Our job as parents is to put ourselves out of a job.

Corollary, "I am what you would call a "piece of work" in progress.

People freak out because of a shark in the ocean.  Er, they live there!  If you see them at MacDonald's, then there's a problem.

"Hermit crab" describes me twice.

A Yo, Mamma - Yo mama so old when she was a kid, rainbows were black and white.

"I make mistakes and I'm the second to admit it," playwright Jean Kerr.

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