Friday, June 26, 2020

Ah, the 50 States is worth a look today.  No they don't pay me for all of the mentions here, but certainly a modest check wouldn't be amiss...

Languages - In California and Nevada, the most popular language after English and Spanish is:  Tagalog.  in Texas and Oklahoma, it's Vietnamese; Florida is French Creole, but you'd think that would be reserved for Louisiana.

Texas, Florida and Illinois are all smaller that LA County.

This has got to be the oddest category of some fascinating ones - a map of all of the towns named Springfield - and the easiest routes to take to cover them all!

Feuds - Texas hates Oklahoma; California hates Texas  Subcategory not covered here - the loudest or most quiet states.  They hiss or yell insults, I guess, based on where they live.

The most common birth countries for foreigners here (legally or not was not mentioned.)  Not counting Mexico, of course.

California and Nevada? the Philippines Texas - India!

Lesser but not less interesting - states by numbers of drug overdoses.  Or out-of-service railroads!

A map of the US with most popular coffee chains.  Not surprisingly Starbucks blankets all of this map with the except on the East Coast being Dunkin.

Relish air traffic control zones; who wants to more to another state?  The number of Waffle Houses - none on the West Coast.

And, you realize I can't make this stuff up.  Just thought it was timely to add that as the very last item is:  The eye color of every governor in the United States.  Brown predominates.    

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