Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Protestors vs. Effective Change

Let us have a refreshing sip from the First Amendment Cup I see being passed around various locations at this time.   What's it all about?

The First Amendment, in order:   they are 
Free Speech - any damned thing you feel like saying 
Freedom of Religion - government cannot force you into one religion or another
Freedom of the Press - unless or until what they write is seditious, slander.  Insults, fine!
Right to Assembly - although it should be said that trying to march on an active freeway is not a good idea.
The right to petition the government.  For all of the good it will bring you.

What is the Effectiveness of a Mass Protest - Aye or Nay?

Hong Kong has been anti-government in the tens of thousands of it's citizens who are going up against the police.   A  controversial extradition law was rescinded, but cops are still sent out from the government for mass beatings of their fellow citizens .

Iraq protestors are anti-government and their zeal has caused 95 of them to die.  Iraq uses live ammo.

The Green New Deal espoused by professional child activist Greta Thunberg - Congress didn't pass it and neither did all 50 states.  A scenario I'd pay money to see - couple of Congressmen discussing her after a recent appearance, "Cute kid," - "Yeah, little smart ass; where the hell were her parents?"

Successful protests over the years - protestors are clearly a stubborn bunch  -
Both, after years, have gotten recognition.

 India - Civil Rights Movement
LGBTQUA  All the way back to the Stonewall episode.  

Pros and Cons re participating in a mass protest

All that walking?  You can skip the gym

Looting is often included in protesting.

Toting those big screen TVs and/or boxes of Manalo Blahnick shoes, Gucci frocks - gives you a power lifting workout, too.   Mattresses, those desirable big screen TVs - remember that before making your selection;  they aren't feather light.

Aerobics - playing dead on the street but sneaking in some yoga moves and pass it off as death throes.  Unless, of course, you were actually shot.  No acting required.

If everyone else got to Chanel first, leaving nothing for you - well pouting and kicking curbs is a great way to vent which is good psychologically speaking.
All for the betterment of mankind.  

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