Thursday, June 4, 2020

Suspension of Disbelief Because No One Could Be This Brainless

In rapid succession - the Del Amo Mall, and the Torrance Target a short distance away, as of Wednesday had been closed and barricaded for fear of rioters/looter-thieves for three days.  The Sunday night arrestees were 17 adults and 7 juveniles - for grand theft auto, possession of stolen goods. curfew violations.

Mull that over while I type this - BREAKING NEWS
LA Mayor Garcetti, L A City Leaders call for cutting LAPD funding as protests continue.

The Police Officers Union calls the motion "offensive."  I can call it a lot of things that would be better than "offensive"  Bone-headed stupid would be the least of it.  

Apparently the "LA City Leaders" have never read the below which comes from the Washington Post and the WSJ:

2019 - Police shot 9 unarmed blacks - and 19 unarmed whites.

2018 - 53 % of Blacks committed known homicides  and 60% of the robberies.

A cop is 18 1/2 times more likely to be killed by a black male than a black killed by a white cop.
Further:  Whites are less likely to shoot than Black or Hispanic officers.  

"So let's cut their funding!"  the geniuses bellow.  Sometimes I wish there was a bounty on these beauties.


or in other words, "Walk right in, make yourselves at home."


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