Saturday, June 27, 2020

Been Self-Quarantined a Little Too Long?

This is, or purports to be, a true story.  It happened in Dear Old Blighty aka Great Britain.  

Radio announcer for KISS FM-UK Sam Darlaston got home from Tesco with a head of his favorite  vegetable - broccoli - and discovered it had worms!  The order of the following events wasn't spelled out but he got a refund from Tesco ($1.57) and decided to raise the larva/worms whatever to full-fledged butterflies!  White cabbage I believe they were.  

He became fascinated by these events and named his favorite worm? Larva "Cedric" and promptly put this story on his broadcast.  Like the virus itself, it swept through his listeners imaginations and they were happy.  

And great peace and contentment were theirs.  And all who listened were pleased.  And Cedric flew the fuck away and has never been seen again.  But the people are happy.  

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