Monday, June 22, 2020

YAY! An Outing!

During this "situation" that has affected us "an outing" is a rare treat indeed.  Today I scored a front row seat to the Tumbling Boulders Concert performed in Rock Sharp at Providence Imaging Center - 1:15 p.m. sharp for an MRI for Lumbar-ing 5 which has been plague ridden of late.

One's first MRI is usually a real shock to the nervous system.  The tech will have told you to expect loud noises which are; they will stress, the normal workings of the machine.  You are offered (or at least I have always been offered) a choice of ear-phoned music.  I have always taken "Classical" for the simple reason that if I chose Blues, I would be wiggling and contorting, dancing along with a driving beat which means the tech has to start all over again - and you have to be in the machine longer than you would have, had you just played possum.  'Nuff said.

But, hey!  it's an outing! Maybe we can even stop for a beer afterward to replace the champagne at intermissions in a real concert.  Good enough for L5 and me.

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