Tuesday, June 2, 2020


Coroner vs Coroner in the matter of the George Floyd autopsy.

I went to a still shot of The Incident and was damned if I could see it.  As always I went to my medical consultant who has never failed to answer me completely.  I e'd RH Gutierrez, MD, San Diego

I pointed out that the man looked as if he was a body builder and thus, would have an extremely strong neck.  And he wrote back -

"I am about to do a video on it.  The knee across the neck is compressing the trachea which can cause a parasympathetic response to both  which  can cause decreases in respiration

On top of that, there were three men compressing his chest and torso.  Even without any medical conditions, this can lead to decreased breathing especially when prolonged (this can then shut off the circulation.)

On top of that the chest compressions will decrease cardiac output and decreased venous return - both of which can kill.

Then there is the decreased cerebral perfusion and this can cause brain damage and death.

The cops killed this man in six ways."

So now you know.  Do not try them at home. ed.  

To see explanatory videos of the doctor, Google  KARATEDRSANDIEGO itpp://karatedr.com 

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