Monday, June 8, 2020

What Floyd's Loved Ones May Be Thinking

"Can we please finally get our George in the ground and let us mourn in our own time, in private?"  I think they'd be well-due after such intrusions as these ...Floyd's 2nd grade teacher is proudly exhibiting an essay he wrote, age 8, 38 years ago.  This former teacher explained that for every class,  there was one big project a year and she kept at least one or two from each class.  He was one of her students and she remembers him as a quiet boy.

Floyd wanted to be a Supreme Court Justice.  He wrote what he would do in Court.  "I'd bang my hammer and everyone would sit down," is a sample.  source

A protestor in Bristol, GB, and friends pulled down a statue of one Edward Colston, a 17th century slave trader for an African firm who apparently handled exporting slaves in 1680.  To me this is treading all tippy toe with an attempt to change history.  No, don't laud him; but don't erase him either.  Slavery happened; it existed.  No it is and was a horrendous thing.  But it happened.

Another protester in London, defaced a statue of Winston Churchill, saying that "Churchill fought the Nazis to protect colonials, not people of color."  

If anyone ever tells this protestor that Harry Truman desegregated the Army in WW2, maybe he'll call for a statue to be erected to Harry!

We can only hope the coin has two sides, not just one.

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