Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Where O Where Is My Tin Foil Hat?

I need it and you may be wondering what it is and why do I need it now?

In order of  the two questions presented - the Tin Hat was invented to prevent others from reading your mind or to prevent paranoia.  These self-designed tin foil hats have been proudly serving Americans since 1909!

I need one now (but aluminum foil is SO expensive) because I'm pretty sure The Virus is out to get me.  Who can forget March 15, 2020, when the world pulled on masks, gloves and holed up at home?  Ah, the Ides of March.  March 15, 44, was not a lucky day for Julius Caesar whose crowd got knife happy and stabbed him to death.  O wait a minute - random stabbings are making the news.  Particularly Great Britain.  See what you get when guns are abolished?  A recourse.  Neither is good. 

My birthday was toward the end of April.  It was a big birthday to me - still two-digit numbers, but, well, getting up there.  With the new rules?  Hah!  Fuhgeddabout it as they say far to the East of us here in California.

Richie's nearly-as-big a birthday was June 16th.  No party, no excitement except for the cats' contribution.  Which was a big, fat, nothing.  They're so selfish …

And now bringing up the trifecta is this - our 37th wedding anniversary is tomorrow, July 2nd.

Traditionally, we go out for a posh dinner as opposed to the likes of  Rock'n Brew or Las Brisas - both have excellent food, but no white table cloths to the floor.   Or once, on a road trip, airport MacDonald's, but our favorite feedbags in this field are "Not serving eat-in dinner."  Take out in most of them, but French food (Dominick's Kitchen) is hard to transport.  An appetizer of house-made chicken pate with tiny cornichon pickles, a baguette and container of red onion jam for starters practically needs it's own container.

I'll just have to start collecting discarded aluminum foil.  From somewhere - I'm not the only one that's thought of this ...

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