Tuesday, July 21, 2020

All Agreed? This Charge of "racist" Has Gone Far Enough?

I am referring to the most recent outraged public howl - Trader Joe is practicing  cultural insensitivity!

Trader Joe?  I think of him as mild mannered and certainly no flag burning miscreant.

What the hell?  Joe's people thought such product labels as Trader Ming or Trader Gianni or Trader Jose were merely good illustrations to remind  customers of the many international flavors on display. .in their stores

The virus is bad.  But it pales in contrast mightily with the idiots obsession to find something - anything to call "racist."  God save us all.  And wear your mask and go wash your hands!

This just in - courtesy LA Times front page.

Other victims of a name change.

Land O Lakes butter; removed their  Native American woman.

Aunt Jemima pancake mix  and Uncle Ben's rice

Eskimo Pies!

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