Monday, July 6, 2020

I Think He Just Likes to Kill Women, Myself

The events I'm about to relate to you both happened in England so our Brit cousins undoubtedly followed them with more excitement than I am probably able to gender among Americans.

It wasn't so much about the two (2) "fatal accidents" it was that I knew - of, not did actually know personally.  There's a chapter in my wonderful, hysterically funny book  "And the Best Blog Is... Word of Mouth" available at or Barnes and Noble, titled
 "Attention Writers!" about the following.

There was a Brit children's author named Helen Bailey affianced to one Ian Stewart.  He moved in with her - to her $1.5 million  home - where she was found buried in a cesspit buried under the garage floor!  The cesspit had been in use.  I say no more.  Her little dog was right next to her in her fetid grave.  

After he drugged her at dinner every night, she began complaining of fatigue and going to bed early.  That's where he strangled her and put her in her new home.

Now we come to the day's edition of the Daily Mail, a British newspaper.  There a small article said that Ian Stewart was going on trial for his murder of his first wife! Duration 21 years.   She died in 2010; Helen followed her in 2017.

The circumstances and the names immediately reminded me of my take on this macabre burial.  I think you'd have to really hate someone to tilt their poor dead body into a shit pool, literally.

But what of this first wife, Diane Stewart?  How did he polish her off?  There can't be that many easily accessible cesspits.  Law of averages, etc.

By dint of some heavy digging, I read that Diane popped her clogs in their back garden during an epileptic seizure.  But no more than that!  Maddening!  Did she pitch head first into a bordering stone wall?  No one seems to know.  Or to be interested, besides me and now you, I hope.  

I didn't mention this until now, but Helen was worth $4,000,000 but in pounds, so more. Earned from her children's books.  This is no way to treat a writer!  I protest!

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