Saturday, July 18, 2020

"What? He's going to do my surgery on his lunch hour?"

I ask that because my surgery instructions are to show up at 10 for a noon surgery.

Encouraging, I guess as to the degree of difficulty …  Be that as it may, Monday, 7/27 I am having surgery to correct Posterior Lumbar Decompression.

What the hell is that you ask?  It relives the pain (radiculopathy) in the nerves that are being squashed by narrowing and pressure on the spine.  Causes of that situation are disc degeration, bone spurs or arthritis.  It is 80 to 90 per cent successful for pain stoppage which would be very welcome indeed.

I have had the following for it - MRI or "The tossing of the boulders" soundtrack.  A sonogram followed and yesterday a CT scan finished it all.   Oops - forgot.  This Monday is the pre-op exam which all surgical procedures require.    That's gold standard medicine to me.  Am very glad to have the doctors that I do.  And the insurance, too!

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