Monday, July 27, 2020

Too Much Togetherness

When too much together amounts to an obsession.  Here's a perfect example of something I ran across this morning.  The article was headed that "The Most Identical Twins in the World" are now planning to become impregnated and give birth together.

Lucy and Anna DeCinque, 33, and their shared boyfriend Ben Byrne, 34, a mechanic,  in Perth, Australia, is to do the heavy lifting on this.  They began dating in 2012.  They, plus the twin's mother, all live in the same house.  Separate bedrooms?  Get real!  Mom has one, but the twins and Ben all sleep in the same California-king sized bed.

Examples of their alikeness include the following:
They eat one meal a day, evenings.
They do 6 hour workouts (daily or not, article didn't say)  2 hrs. treadmill; 2 hrs. weight training; 2 hrs. walking around the house.
They cannot be apart from each other less than an hour.

Surgeries include:  lip fillers
eyebrow and hair extensions
Breast implants - double D!
They eat, drink, shower, go to the doctor and beauticians together.  Basically never apart and that's the way they want it.  They want to share every single experience.  Hence their decision to use Ben as a sperm donor to further their desire to go through pregnancy and birth together.
                                             Good luck to you ladies.  Yes, both of you.

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Unknown said...

Fascinating blog on the twins, but now I require photos of Lucy, Anna and Ben.
Don't fail me.