Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Hereuse Jour de Bastille or Happy Bastille Day

This is the one where a French Queen was beheaded; charge:  treason.  Her husband had lost his own head(same reason) nine months earlier.  Both had been in the Bastille hoosegow.  

In many ways, this holiday (and it is) was a forerunner of our 4th of July.  One requires - not too strong a word - special food.  This is the parting of the ways.  If you don't serve hot dogs and hamburgers, preferably grilled on your own backyard barbecue you must be some kind of pinko, Commie, fag.  If I'd been on the ball yesterday, we all could have feasted on croissants, brioches and slices of baguette with butter and honey which is my creation and favorite.  That would be breakfast.  For lunch how about Quiche Lorraine - with bacon and cheese?  Oh, you prefer French Onion Soup.  Why have we never heard of Swiss Onion Soup?  Or Belgian?  Dinner?  The usual five courses with perhaps a few more pastries than usual.  Quite possibly, champagne.

Back to business which was vaguely the beheading of Marie Antoinette.  On July 14, 1789 the dastardly beheading took place.  Some curious online person wondered, "What happened to her head?  and Louis who preceded her?"  Both intact bodies are buried in the church of Saint-Denis which has its own arrondissment.  

The same thing we share as nations are:  fireworks.  You think we're enthusiastic?  I happened to be in Aix en Provence during one.  My bestie Michelle  and I were sitting in the Deux G, an ancient bistro on the main drag when a traveling band of hoodlums began throwing cherry bombs at the concrete under out feet.  We decamped forthwith Michelle laughing her ass off at me.  I've never been back for another one.

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