Monday, July 13, 2020

New Virus Idiocy

It's not a competition
Countries and Cities comparing illnesses and deaths.  Headlines when Florida with  15,000 cases in ONE day beat California which had a losing 11,694 in their one day figures.

Remember when it hit Europe?  Italy reports most cases!  two seconds later, Great Britain statistics had someone dying of it every 10 minutes!  That had to be wrong.   I thought it was and promptly dismissed it.

Now in this competition? with the Grim Reaper, we learn that California has the most cases within the U.S.

But I can't think of anything stupider than Virus Parties, a new fad of "young people" in this case probably 18 to 40 year olds.

A virus party:  you buy a ticket to attend an event where there are infected persons.  Your job as a guest is to mooch around and try to get the virus.  First to prove infected (how do they determine this?) wins the admission ticket money.  This may be an off-shoot of the young people who defied edicts to go to Spring Break on Florida beaches.  Look at them now. I wonder how many babies and grandparents fell to it courtesy of these thrill seekers?

Whether or not this idiocy originated in Florida or Tuscaloosa, Alabama, didn't say and what difference does it make anyhow?  Dead is dead.  Beach Break Fans, who've already defied  orders to get out of the water,  make sure you're wearing sunscreen when you pop your clogs - it's gonna be  hot where you're going.  Now you've been warned, not that warnings seem to have any sway over you.

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